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Limited offer! 1 free blue sachet included with every pack.

moldalure™ gives you the ability to easily make your own custom fishing lures using heat activated reusable smart material.

• Make totally unique lures
• Reusable
• Vibrant colors
• Strong, durable smart material
• Fully customizable
• Biodegradable

Making your own custom lures has never been easier.

Typically make 3-6 lures per pack depending on size of lures.

moldalure - pellets with thermometer


Heat the pellets to over 149°F/65°C in hot water. Use a non-plastic container.

moldalure - melted pellets in a blob with fishing hook


Fuse the pellets together once they have melted. Have your lure core ready.

moldalure - blob of melted pellets shaped into a fish shape with fishing hook.


Shape your lure around the core and allow to cool and harden. Reheat to make adjustments.

gallery of custom fishing lures moldalure


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