Do I have to buy the lure kit also?

No, this is an optional extra that we added due to popular demand. You can use your own equipment instead. The lure kit we supply is things we consider essential to start making lures.

How to keep the colors from blending when melting?

We would strongly recommend melting each color individually to avoid it sticking to other colors. Also make sure your hands are clean before starting as you don’t want to contaminate the color.

Can I mix colors?

Yes, however to keep the vibrancy we would not recommend as you cannot then undo this.

How do I get the weight of the lure right?

Consider adding weight to the core of your lure before molding the polymer around it, if you need to add weight once the polymer is hard then simply reheat to get the weight into the lure.

If it’s biodegradable, how long will it last?

The material will only degrade when in suitable conditions to do so. Moisture, bacteria and temperature are the main factors in this and you will not find these conditions in your fishing box. If however you buried the material in soil outside then you will find that degrading will take place.

Can you use it on another lure I have?

Yes, you can modify an existing lure with moldalure. You can get the material to stick to other plastics too.

Do you have any other colors?

We are always working on improving the product  and more colors may become available at a later date.

Will it not just melt in my hot climate?

If you are in a hot climate then we can’t 100% rule out the possibility of the material softening in direct sunlight. We do however supply a highly reflective foil pouch to keep your lures in once they are made and this would reflect most of the heat that would be absorbed by the sun. This also gives you a handy pouch to store the lures in too.